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Looking forward to just chilling this weekend. The last couple of weekends have been pretty mental.
  • Listening to: Astralasia
  • Reading: Celtic Myths and Legends
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: Supermario Bros
  • Eating: Sweet Thai Chilli Noodles and Veg
  • Drinking: Red Wine
Hurray, nearly the end of term! Can't wait to chill out over Christmas. I received a lovely new Digi SLR camera from my partner for my birthday, so I'm looking forward to testing it out properly :)
  • Listening to: Dreadzone
  • Reading: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • Watching: Angel
  • Playing: Zelda
  • Drinking: Red Wine
Term has started once more - why do teenage boys think they're all comedians! I've been running all over the campus today, then to dance class tonight...exhausted now!
  • Listening to: Gus Gus
  • Reading: Girl with a Pearl Earring
  • Watching: Ledgend of the Seeker
  • Playing: Vampire Wars
  • Drinking: Red Wine
Just got back from our Cornish holiday where the clutch burnt out on the car and we ended up paying over £700 to get it fixed! Still had some good days though...
  • Listening to: The Orb
  • Reading: Labyrinth
  • Playing: Soul Bubbles
  • Eating: Toffee yoghurt and Rice Pops
  • Drinking: Rose Petal Tea
Just returned from Northampton's first Bardic Chair...pity there weren't more competitors
  • Listening to: Leftfield
  • Reading: Hawkmoon
  • Playing: Endless Ocean
  • Eating: Skinny Cow Chocolate lolly
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max
A typical British summer again! The overall outlook is awful and I'm camping at a festival in a couple of weeks!
  • Listening to: Orbital
  • Reading: Hawkmoon
  • Playing: Mario Galaxy
  • Drinking: Rose petal black tea